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Demonstrating Results of Orthodontic Treatment in Frisco, TX

Orthodontics is a branch of dental care specifically concerned with the alignment of teeth. Tooth alignment has a distinct impact on biting action, speech, and the appearance of a smile. Dr. Jared Corbridge and Dr. Kim Rogers-Raftery are orthodontists providing exceptional care to patients throughout the Frisco, Prosper, and Little Elm areas. This gallery demonstrates what a typical mouth will look like before and after different types of orthodontic treatments, such as palatal expanders. Though care outcomes depend on many different factors, this information will help you prepare for your treatment.

All of the patients shown below are actual patients of Dr. Jared Corbridge and Dr. Kim Rogers-Raftery at Corbridge Orthodontics - we love what we do!

Case 1 - Cassie

Cassie had crowding, a deep overbite, excessive overjet, and an uneven smile. Dr. Corbridge thought we might need jaw surgery to fully correct her bite but with excellent patient cooperation, and Dr. Corbridge using his expertise, they were able to achieve a beautiful smile and excellent bite using braces and elastics.

before and after

Case 2 - Shane

Shane had crowding, high canines, a posterior crossbite, and deep overbite. She was treated with an expander and braces and now has a stunning smile!

before and after

Case 3 - Luke

Luke had crowding, an uneven smile, and an anterior crossbite. He was treated without removing any permanent teeth and finished with a great smile!

before and after

Case 4 - Chloe

Chloe came to us with crowding, a high canine, posterior crossbite, and CL III malocclusion (lower jaw ahead of upper jaw). She told us that she never smiled because she was embarrassed of her teeth. Dr. Corbridge estimated her treatment would take between 2 and 2 1/2 years but Chloe finished in only 22 months-just in time for graduation! She now can’t stop smiling and showing off her gorgeous smile!

before and after

Case 5 - Clay

Clay started his orthodontic treatment to help correct an uneven smile, protruding teeth, and deep overbite. He was a great patient and did an excellent job wearing his elastics. Together, he and Dr. Corbridge achieved a spectacular smile and proper bite.

before and after

Case 6 - Mickey

Mickey came to us concerned about excessive spacing between her teeth. She wore upper and lower braces and chose to go with clear braces (Clarity Advanced) on top. She completed her orthodontic treatment in less than a year and a half.

before and after

Case 7 - Jennifer

Jennifer had severe crowding (including her Upper Left canine which was 100% blocked out), an anterior open bite, midlines that did not line up, and an edge to edge bite on the front teeth. Dr. Corbridge was able to save all the teeth and create space for the permanent canine. Jennifer finished with a gorgeous smile and ideal bite.

before and after

Phase I (Early Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment)

(Cases 8 - 14)

In some situations, it is valuable to do early orthodontic treatment before all the permanent teeth have erupted. This is known as Phase I orthodontic treatment and is typically begun between ages 7 and 9 and lasts for about 1 year. Phase II treatment follows later once all the permanent teeth have erupted.

Here are some examples of what can be done in early treatment so patients do not have to wait until they are a teenager to begin correcting the alignment of their teeth and jaws.

Case 8 - Madeleine

Madeleine had protrusion of the upper teeth, a deep overbite, misaligned teeth, and crowding. She had Phase I treatment with an expander and partial braces and had dramatic changes in the appearance and function of her teeth.

before and after

Case 9 - Allyson

Allyson came to us with an anterior crossbite causing recession on her lower incisor. She also had a deep overbite and crowding. This demonstrates nicely why sometimes it is better to correct a problem early rather than waiting for full braces.

before and after

Case 10 - Caden

Caden had excessive spacing between his upper front teeth and protrusion of the front teeth. He wore upper and lower partial braces for 12 months and Dr. Corbridge was able to close the gap in the top and create room for the permanent teeth in the lower.

before and after

Case 11 - Leyton

Leyton had an anterior crossbite which was corrected with upper partial braces only for 10 months. This helps prevent recession of the lower teeth commonly seen with anterior crossbites that are not corrected early.

before and after

Case 12 - Kelsey

Kelsey had an underbite which Dr. Corbridge was able to correct with only upper partial braces for 12 months. Not only was her bite corrected but her smile now lights up the room!

before and after

Case 13 - Kennedy

Kennedy and her mom chose for Kennedy to undergo Phase I orthodontic treatment to correct her protrusion and misaligned teeth. She wore upper partial braces and a headgear for a total of 15 months and you can see how much change she was able to achieve

before and after

Case 14 - Lauren

Lauren had an openbite, protrusion of the upper teeth and an uneven smile. She had an expander and upper and lower braces for a total of 14 months. What an incredible change and gorgeous smile!

before and after

Orthodontic Problems & Conditions

While the end goal for everyone will be a straight smile, there are many different starting points and paths to get there. Many people are not born with perfectly straight teeth and develop what are called malocclusions (or misalignments in the mouth). Below we describe some of the different malocclusions and oral conditions that affect people and that can be corrected with orthodontic treatment.

  • Crowding: In this case, the patient’s eye teeth are higher placed than normal. This creates crowding throughout the upper jaw. 
  • Overlap: The teeth on this patient’s upper jaw have spacing and a severe overlap. Addressing both these concerns brings the teeth into a more optimal alignment.
  • Openbite: This patient’s front teeth do not touch, which impedes comfortable biting and speech. Drawing the teeth into alignment corrects these problems. 
  • Spacing: This concern is marked by gaps between teeth; here you can see the excess space on the upper jaw. Using strategies like Invisalign®, we can close this space and bring the teeth into proper alignment. 
  • Overbite:  An overbite occurs when teeth on the upper jaw extend over the teeth of the lower jaw. Shifting these into proper position corrects this misalignment.
  • Underbite: This alignment problem occurs when the upper teeth are covered by the lower teeth. Corrective treatment on both rows of teeth might be required to return the bite to its proper formation. 

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