Braces Emergency Kits In Schools

Protecting Adolescents From Braces During School

This school year, Dr. Corbridge is providing mini orthodontic emergency kits to the local high schools in Frisco, Prosper, & Little Elm Texas. Students at schools like Prosper High, Little Elm High, and Frisco High School would all benefit from orthodontic kits like these in the event there is an orthodontic incident that could use a simple fix.

For those of you who went through orthodontic treatment and played sports as a teen, there’s a chance you might remember a horror story or two about lips getting cut by braces or archwires popping out and poking the patient with a pronounced prickly pain. What’s worse was that unless you came extremely prepared to school, you would have to live with this nuisance until you got home or could make an emergency appointment with your orthodontist.

Dr. Corbridge wanted to prevent situations like these from happening, so he decided to do something about it. We donated mini orthodontic emergency kits filled with wax and other helpful tools to prevent the poking and prodding of these orthodontic appliances. While instances happen to students all the time, we’ve found these kits to be especially useful for those students who participate in sports. After all, you never know when a ball is going to come flying at you from an unknown direction and hit you square in the mouth.

Ideally, these students undergoing orthodontic care would be wearing protective equipment like mouthgaurds, but sometimes there are instances when people forget, and accidents happen. The wax and kits are designed for those exact situations; so that we expect the unexpected, and are prepared for the minute orthodontic emergencies that come our way.

Contact Us After An Orthodontic Emergency

Keep in mind that these kits are merely patch measures to keep your teen from feeling pain. These are NOT permanent solutions. In the event a wire does pop loose, or if a bracket is injuring the teen, please contact us at our Frisco, TX office as soon as possible. We will fix the braces good as new to ensure your teen’s oral safety, as well as keep their orthodontic treatment progressing smoothly. Thanks for reading!

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