Dr. Corbridge’s Local Pumpkin Decorating Is Back!

Providing Pumpkins To Dental Offices Around Frisco, Prosper, & Little Elm, TX

That’s right, Dr. Corbridge is back at it again with a new batch of pumpkins to send out to our local dental offices around Frisco, Prosper, & Little Elm, TX. If you happen to remember this from last year, we saw great success in sending out pumpkins with decorating kits to the local offices. From here, the offices all found interesting and creative ways to decorate their pumpkins, and show off the results to their patients. In 2015, we saw some pretty cool submissions- from traditional jack-o-lanterns, to painted pumpkins featuring Disney characters, there was a pretty awesome assortment in and around our communities last year. As such, Dr. Corbridge wanted to rally and see the same success this year!

Why Does Dr. Corbridge Do This?

The answer is far simpler than you might imagine. It’s because he wants to! Dr. Corbridge and staff are always trying to think up fun ways here and there to get engagement from the local dental community, and see what are some small little things we can do to help make our patients’ dental experience better. Whether you are going in for a dental cleaning with one of our neighboring dentists, or seeing Dr. Corbridge for your orthodontic Invisalign treatment, you should be coming into offices that celebrate fall, and all the fantastic things represented in this season. We may not have a pumpkin spiced latte machine, but we think this is a close second.

Following the decoration process, once all the pumpkins were spruced up by the dentists and their teams, our team from Corbridge Orthodontics would come back around and collect the pumpkins so that they could be displayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. Helping to provide a little bit of decoration for the families of this great charity is just a little something we try to do on a yearly basis, and we are proud of the accomplishments we’ve made working with them.

As for the dentists, they're in it for the competition. Each office is designated to decorate a pumpkin, but after we collect them, each pumpkin is rated and voted for. As for the top three winners who've decorated the best pumpkins, the entire staff of that office receives an awesome prize! The prizes this year are:

  1. Grand Prize: $50 gift cards to Top Golf
  2. Runner-up: $30 gift cards o a dine in movie theater
  3. 3rd place: Dr. Corbridge caters lunch to the entire office

Come By Our Frisco Office Today!

Want to see OUR cool new pumpkin? Want to know how we plan to decorate this premier produce for our office and the Ronald McDonald house? Well you’ll just have to come by the office to find out! If it’s been awhile since your last orthodontic check up, or if you are considering undergoing your own orthodontic treatment for the first time, please contact us today and schedule an appointment! We’d love to see you come by visit us, so call today!

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