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As your trusted orthodontist in Frisco, Prosper, and Little Elm, Texas, we at Corbridge Orthodontics are glad to provide you with the utmost in orthodontic care throughout your entire orthodontic process. When you finish your Frisco, Texas braces or Invisalign treatment, it doesn’t mean that you can slack off with your retainer though! Your retainer requires constant cleaning; you’ll want to clean it at least once a day to make sure that there’s no food or bacteria on it. We’ll be glad to give you help about the cleaning process; since there are different kinds of retainers (removable and fixed), we’ll give you instructions on cleaning each type.

Cleaning Removable Retainers

For Hawley and plastic (aligner) retainers, you’ll be able to remove your retainer to clean them. We recommend following these steps:

  • You’ll first want to rinse your retainer immediately after removal to get rid of any food before it hardens. Either cool or warm water is okay to use.

  • Soak your retainer in water along with a cleaning solution and let it sit for five minutes. Baking soda is actually an effective cleaning solution to use as well.

  • Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, scrub your retainer clean, making sure to get inside all of the nooks and crannies.

  • After you’re finished, make sure to rinse it again thoroughly. You won’t want to put it back in your mouth when you still have any cleaning solution on it.

Cleaning Fixed Retainers

Because fixed retainers are bonded to your teeth, you won’t be able to utilize the same methods to clean them. Instead, we recommend flossing them to keep them clean using this technique:

  • First, grab about a six-inch piece of floss along with a floss threader. Thread the floss between two of your teeth.

  • Hold one end of the floss with one hand and the other with the floss threader.

  • After you get the floss under your retainer wire, move it up and down between the teeth, making sure to get to the gum line.

  • Slide the floss sideways toward the next area that you’re going to clean. Pull it down until it’s between your teeth.

  • Continue this until you’ve flossed between each tooth that’s attached to your fixed retainer.

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