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Straight teeth provide a number of benefits to patients, ranging from physical benefits to aesthetics. At Corbridge Orthodontics, we want to help you achieve a straighter, more functioning smile for everyday life. With high-quality technology and attentive professionals, our Frisco and Prosper orthodontics team can explain all of the amazing benefits of straight teeth and answer any questions you may have. Continue reading to learn about the 10 advantages of straight teeth.


Crooked teeth and an incorrect bite or jaw alignment can cause many speech impediments. With straight teeth, you can speak more clearly and enunciate your words. A certain degree of confidence can also come with the ability to speak clearly.

Better Brushing

Unfortunately, crooked teeth can make brushing and flossing quite difficult. Straight teeth do not allow as many food particles to get trapped in between teeth.

Fewer Headaches

By straightening your teeth, you can reduce the uneven wear that can be caused by crooked teeth and a poorly aligned bite. This will reduce the pressure on your jaw and therefore cause fewer headaches as well.

Most Cost Effective

In the long run, you will have less dental problems with straight teeth. By paying to straighten your teeth with braces, you will ultimately decrease your spending on future dental and orthodontic issues.

Fewer Injuries

For sports and exercise, it can be much more difficult to fit crooked teeth for a mouthguard. By straightening your teeth, you will be at a lower risk for mouth and head-related injuries and concussions.

Improved Health

Decaying teeth can be hidden by crooked teeth, making it more difficult to see the issue early on. These issues can then increase your risk for heart disease and blood sugar problems. Straight teeth allow for a better oral hygiene and general health for the entire body.

Easier Chewing

Crooked teeth can make it difficult to chew foods and break them down properly. This can lead to digestive problems in some cases. Straight teeth will allow you to chew and bite correctly while consuming all the foods you please!

Fewer Gum & Tissue Issues

Crooked teeth can crowd your mouth, pushing into your gums and mouth tissues. This can be painful, resulting in cuts, sores, and sometimes infections. By straightening your teeth, they will align correctly in your mouth and you will avoid this discomfort.

Less Periodontal Problems

Straighter teeth allow for healthier gums and therefore less periodontal problems. Unfortunately, crooked teeth can lead to poor dental hygiene which may turn into gum disease. Avoid these issues with straighter teeth!

Increased Confidence

Straight teeth allow for a number of health and dental benefits, but possibly the most important is an increased level of confidence. Corbridge Orthodontics wants to give you the smile you've always wanted and for you to be proud of that smile. Straight teeth can improve your comfort in social situations and your self-esteem.

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