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Crooked Teeth

Our mission here at Corbridge Orthodontics is to give our patients within the Frisco, Prosper and Little Elm, TX surrounding areas a more beautiful smile. Not everyone is born with the confidence to smile widely and show off their perfect teeth, in fact, most people are born with an imperfect smile - or develop crooked teeth over time. We’d like to inform our patients of the common causes of crooked teeth and our recommendations moving forward.

Defining Crooked Teeth

The term ‘crooked teeth’ is widely used, but not always defined. There are several broad classifications of crooked teeth:

  • Anterior Crossbite
  • Posterior Crossbite
  • Malocclusion

Causes of Crooked Teeth

It is quite common for people to immediately blame genetics for their crooked teeth. Recent studies and research have proven that in addition to genetics, there are also several other causes to crooked teeth and poor jaw alignment. A child’s jaw alignment is going into its final stages around the age of 7 - it is important to note the habits and actions that your child might do, and stop them before the effects become noticeable in their smile.

Self-Inhibited Causes

  • Mouth Breathing - A nasal blockage, as simple as a sinus infection, can cause children to form the habit of mouth breathing. This method of breathing can inhibit childhood facial structure and put pressure on both your nasal airway and mouth muscles to grow properly.
  • Reverse Swallowing - Abnormal swallowing, such as an open mouth and spread lips, strains your face and mouth muscles to the extent that if done frequently enough, will cause teeth movement.
  • Abnormal Tongue Movements & Position - Incorrect tongue posture is when a person’s tongue presses and rests against their palate incorrectly. This causes your face and jaw muscles to shift to be more comfortable for your tongue, leading to teeth movement and crooked teeth.
  • Thumb Sucking - Similar to a tongue pressing on the roof of your palate, the common thumb sucking habit puts a lot of pressure on the roof of your mouth. Your jaw, cheek and mouth muscles all shift for the comfort of the thumb sucking habit, causing teeth movement and crooked teeth.
  • Incorrect Posture - Your posture, whether sitting or standing, is quite important. Slouched posture causes straining to your neck and mouth muscles, leading to teeth movement. Children often have incorrect posture while eating.

Treatments & Next Steps

There are several orthodontic and dental solutions to crooked teeth. Corbridge Orthodontics services include but are not limited to the following:

If you or your child is concerned about your teeth structure, please contact us or schedule an appointment today. Corbridge Orthodontics has a solution to crooked teeth and wants to help you!

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