Early Treatment

At Corbridge Orthodontics, we are dedicated to bringing more smiles to all ages in Frisco, Little Elm and Prosper, Texas. Dr. Jared Corbridge, Dr. Kim Rogers-Raftery and their staff provide personalized orthodontic care including braces, Invisalign and other treatments. We understand that some children, and even adults, are hesitant, or even afraid to visit the orthodontist for the first time. We solve this by offering a warm and inviting family-friendly office to our patients.

When to Visit the Orthodontist

Upon reaching the age of seven, the American Association of Dentists recommends that children receive their first orthodontic screening. Dr. Corbridge, Dr. Rogers-Raftery and their staff at Corbridge Orthodontics agree. With most kids, the first adult molars have typically started to emerge by around age six, but the permanent teeth aren’t all grown in yet. This allows Dr. Corbridge or Dr. Rogers-Raftery to examine and evaluate how your child’s teeth fit inside the mouth and jaw and how they align front-to-back and side-to-side before. Treating a child early allows us to identify potential challenges and fix them before they become worse. It's important to remember, however, that early evaluation isn't necessarily followed by immediately beginning braces, Invisalign or other treatments. Most of the time, if orthodontic work is needed, Dr. Corbridge or Dr. Rogers-Raftery will just monitor your child's growth patterns until we see that it's time for treatment to begin.

Your Child’s First Visit

During your child’s initial visit to our Frisco office, we will check for a variety of oral health challenges. Some of these are:

  • Potential crowding
  • Overbite
  • Open bite
  • Gummy smiles

It’s possible that treatment won’t be needed at the time or even at all. If treatment is necessary though, we will create a specialized treatment plan that will be the most beneficial for your child.

What Are the Benefits of Early Treatment?

Early Treatment in Prosper, Frisco and Little Elm is available for your child to help catch, and hopefully eliminate, a bad habit your child may have that will negatively impact his or her oral health. Some examples of the advantages of early treatment include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Creating room for crowded, erupting teeth
  • Reducing need for tooth removal
  • Reducing risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Preserving space for teeth that have yet to erupt
  • Reducing time needed with braces
  • Influencing jaw growth to create facial symmetry

Should My Child Receive Orthodontic Treatment?

Treatment for common orthodontic problems typically begins around age 9 to 14, when all of the baby teeth are gone and many of the permanent ones are in place. But there are some conditions that are much easier to treat if they're caught at an early age, when a child's natural growth processes are going full speed ahead. A few of the signs that your child may require orthodontic treatment include:

  • Losing baby teeth too early or too late
  • Difficulty with biting or chewing food
  • Crowding of the teeth
  • Teeth that are misaligned when biting down
  • Jaw joints popping and causing pain
  • Thumb sucking
  • Breathing through the mouth

Contact Your Local Prosper, Little Elm & Fisco Orthodontist!

If you have questions about whether your child should see an orthodontist, please reach out to us at our Frisco office by phone at (214) 705-6188 or make an appointment by completing the convenient online appointment request. Dr. Corbridge, Dr. Rogers-Raftery and their staff are here to answer all of your questions and get you started on the right track to great oral health and a confident, beautiful smile.


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