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When you’re looking for high-quality orthodontics like Invisalign in Frisco and Little Elm, TX, we at Corbridge Orthodontics are proud to be your premier choice. With our dedication to cutting-edge orthodontic technology, we’re capable of giving you a straighter and healthier smile in the most convenient and comfortable process possible. As your Little Elm and Frisco Invisalign providers, we’d like to provide a little more information on this revolutionary type of orthodontics.

What Is Invisalign?

Instead of using the metal brackets and wires that braces use, Invisalign utilizes a series of virtually-invisible, removable aligners to shift a patient’s teeth. These aligners are created using advanced 3-D computer imaging technology and have been proven effective in giving patients straighter and healthier smiles. Over 70 percent of all orthodontists in the United States and Canada are certified to administer this state-of-the-art treatment.

How Does It Work?

The Invisalign process starts when you wear your first set of aligners. You’ll wear this set for the next two weeks, typically only removing them when you’re going to eat or clean your teeth. After the two-week period is over, you’ll replace that set of aligners with the next set in the series. Each time you change the set of aligners that you’re wearing, your teeth will gradually move. After you’ve worn each of the prescribed sets of aligners, your teeth should be straightened to their final, prescribed position.

You’ll visit us about once every six weeks so that we can check up on you and make sure that your treatment is progressing properly. The total treatment time will last about nine to 15 months on average, though this can vary depending on the patient.

What Are the Benefits?

Choosing Invisalign as your orthodontic treatment comes with an entire host of benefits that include the following:

  • Invisalign’s aligners are virtually invisible, meaning that others won’t even be able to tell that you’re wearing orthodontics.
  • Because you can remove Invisalign when you need to, keeping your teeth clean is as simple as ever.
  • Unlike braces, you don’t have to restrict yourself from any types of food; just take your aligners out and you can continue to enjoy all your favorite foods.
  • The polyurethane plastic of the aligners is more comfortable than the metal wires and brackets of braces.
  • You’ll spend less time in your orthodontist’s office getting adjustments.

Invisalign with iTero Technology

As your Little Elm and Frisco Invisalign provider, we aim to improve your experience with Invisalign by utilizing the iTero scanner. iTero is a 3-D computer imaging technology that will allow orthodontists to take 3-D images of a patient’s mouth. Normally, when a patient is being fitted for Invisalign, an orthodontist needs to get the impressions of the patient’s teeth in order to create the aligners. This has traditionally been done using molds to create impressions of the patient’s teeth. Unfortunately, these molds can get messy and cause plenty of discomfort, even causing patients to gag. Thankfully, iTero circumvents all this. The iTero scanner will take a digital scan of a patient’s teeth that will be used to create the aligners without the need for any messy molds.

It’s also been shown that there are ten times fewer fitting issues with Invisalign when iTero is used. This allows for a shorter treatment time and a much smaller chance of having to make new impressions for your teeth. This advanced technology is even capable of showing patients what the completed result of their Invisalign treatment will look like before the process even starts.

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